hydrothermal process for the production of magnetite

Magnetite, a functional material

chemical formula magnetite iron oxide
The chemical formula for magnetite is Fe3O4.
Magnetite powder - iron oxide

HYMAG'IN produces and sells magnetite powder, an iron oxide with magical properties.

What is magnetite used for?



Produced in sub-micrometre sizes, Hymag'In magnetite powder has specific physical and chemical properties that make it ideal for a wide range of applications.


In particular, it can be used to decontaminate soil and water to treat heavy metals, perfluorinated compounds (PFAS) and chlorinated compounds.


Magnetite powder can also be incorporated into paints or absorbent foams to absorb electromagnetic waves. We offer different ranges of magnetite to suit your needs!



Magnetite ? Did you say magnetic?


When subjected to a magnetic field, it becomes magnetised and separates easily from the environment in which it is immersed.


This feature makes it easy to recover once used!

A wide range of applications

Traitement des eaux usees - micropolluants

Wastewater treatment

depollution des sols - metaux lourds - COHV - polluants organiques

Soil remediation

blindage electromagnetique - magnetite - ondes electromagnetiques

Electromagnetic shielding

fonctionnalisation magnetique - champ magnetique

Magnetic functionalisation

Radar waves absorption

Induction heating

pigmentation - pigment noir - cosmetiques - textiles


catalyse - procede Haber

Black pigment

depollution sols et eaux - preservation environnement - transition ecologique


i-Lab 2019 - innovation nomination - circular economy
HYMAG'IN wins the i-Lab challenge (MESRI - Bpifrance)

depollution sols et eaux - preservation environnement - transition ecologique

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