magnetite - iron oxide

What do we find in the Hymag'In magnetite ranges?  Unique characteristics due to an ultra-thin and efficient powder, the possibility of having custom-made products and a very low carbon footprint !

Our magnetite powder is highly efficient

Mathieu Bertrand engineer R&D
Céline Bonnaud R&D director


  • Our magnetite is pure. Our powder contains up to 99% of magnetite !
  • Our magnetite is thiner than your hair. Depending on the range, our magnetite powder measures between 30 nm and 1 µm. Its fineness alows it to be incorporated into paint or resin, maximising its contact surface ad increasing its effectiveness. 
  • Our magnetite is adaptable. To best meet your needs, we offer different ranges of magnetite with different characteristics, as well as a tailor made development offer.
  • Our magnetite is "green" !  We salvage unexploited waste to give it a second life and then use gentle, environmentally friendly processes to transform it into magnetite.

The ferrous waste repurposing, a large-scale environmental challenge

HYMAG’IN recycles ferrous waste and co-products into a functional material, magnetite powder. 


While large steel scrap is largely recovered by steelmakers via scrap dealers, thin particles in the form of iron-rich dust and sludge are difficult to recycle.


This is why HYMAG'IN recycles unexploited waste with a high recovery potential, such as iron shot, red mud or calamines. 



The valorisation of these residues represents a major challenge described by two aspects  :  

  • The involvement of very large volumes : 10 to 400 000 tonnes of waste and co-products are produced each yer per French industrial site. 
  • A strong societal and environmental pressure : changes in regulatory standards, taxes, and pollution of the local environment. 



By proposing a process based on the valorisation of waste and co-products, HYMAG'IN is part of a circular economy approach and makes magnetite reachable on a large scale. 

iron shots
Iron shots
Dewatered red mud
Dewatered red mud

magnetite powder to depollute the environment