HYMAG'IN develops a disruptive technology for the production of magnetic iron oxide nanopowders for telecoms, electronics and aeronautics.

Electric vehicles, 5G deployment or the protection of individuals and embedded systems are all challenges for which new advanced materials with specific magnetic properties are required.

HYMAG'IN proposes to its customers to co-develop

their magnetic nanopowders and to carry or share their production.

Break into European markets

French startup company, HYMAG'IN stands out of its competitors mostly located in Asia.

Develop your thin coatings & 3D shape composites

HYMAG'IN produces soft magnetic as micro- and nanopowders.

Meet environmental needs

HYMAG'IN exploits a mild process.

Potential use of secondary raw materials.

Reduce time-to-market

HYMAG'IN dedicates its R&D team and expertise to develop your advanced materials.

Outsource the risk

HYMAG'IN accompanies you from

lab to large scale production.

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