What if you could directly integrate absorbing material into the core of your product's structure?

Discover HYMAG'IN's whole range of magnetic products, specifically designed for additive manufacturing, and usable for every electromagnetic compatibility issue!

Our goal? Giving YOU the opportunity to 3D-print on custom absorbing materials, even if they have complex geometry!

Let's talk about your needs!


3D-printing advantages



Custom-made design

Proposing products closest to your needs

  • Adapting formulas and charge rates on custom following your use
  • More efficient absorbing materials thanks to their complex geometries: pyramid or honeycomb
  • Personalized dimensions (especially thickness)

HYMAG'IN produces absorbing filaments adapted to your needs for the Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). This technology consists in deposing a fused filament layer by layer. Filled with nanoscale magnetic charge, our nanoferrites, dispersed in a polymer matrix, our filaments absorb hyperfrequencies electromagnetic waves.



Matrix with high flexibility


The highest proportion of magnetic fillers

Other additive manufacturing technologies

Are you looking for specific advantages related to the printing technology?


Our experts are at your disposal to propose a set of deliveries fulfiling your needs:

  • studying the best additive manufacturing technology (FDM, SLS)
  • printing tries with the most adapted technology
  • characterization of your product
  • development and improvement of your product thanks to this technology