Producing nanoferrites is the core of our expertise. Our team is always looking for new properties to propose the magnetic nanofillers fitting perfectly with your on-board electronics needs!

Are you facing trouble with electromagnetic compatibility? Our nanoferrites are ideal to create radio waves absorbing materials.

Do you want to produce ferrites that concentrate electromagnetic energy into your passive components? We have a range of efficient nanoferrite powders for you!


Let's talk about your needs!


Nanoferrites advantages

Magnetite PGL - Fe3O4 - oxyde de fer

 Down to micro and even nanoscale

Facing the challenge of electronics miniaturization

  • Thin and flexible absorbing material, easier to equip on systems
  • Miniaturized passive components to reduce the size of on-board items
  • Powders used  in additive manufacturing to create lighter components and absorbing materials

Our strong know-how in materials chemistry

Giving better performances to materials

  • Our chemistry technical experts develop formulations to improve the needed performances
  • Adaptive chemical composition following your electromagnetic specifications


Operable up to 1 MHz with its low loss properties


Significant magnetic losses in the GHz range



Operable from 1 MHz to 500 MHz with its low loss properties


Ideal for electromagnetic shielding in the GHz range


Operable up to 1 MHz with its low loss properties


Absorbing properties in the GHz range


Available from recycled-wage synthesis


Magnetite et ferrites - sur mesure - Fe3O4 - oxyde de fer - R&D

Custom-made ferrites

Do you have distinctive specifications?


Let's develop together your perfect product! Our R&D team can work on these topics among others:

  • particle size
  • chemical composition; introducing other elements in the crystalline structure
  • static and in frequency electromagnetic properties
  • incorporating powders into matrix to create absorbing composites or filaments